Monday, October 8, 2007

Boomer ... Sooner!

I went to my first OU vs. TX football game and it was awesome! Peanut spent the night with cousins on Tim's side of the family & had a good time. She loves getting to spend time with the older girls. We stayed at a hotel with Tim's parents. It was a very nice room w/a separate living and bedroom. The living room had a hide-a-bed couch that Tim & I slept on. We got rained on a little but Tim's Mom was prepared with ponchos to keep us dry. It wasn't too terribly hot, a little humid but it could have been worse. The clouds helped to keep it somewhat cool. And the best part of all .... OU 28 TX 21!! Go big RED!

We flew an OU flag on our car for the drive home ... that was pretty fun too.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Something Sweet!

My thoughtful husband surprised me with this camera. We have a big, fancy digital camera, but I wanted a small one that I could put in my pocket (or purse) and take with me anywhere. I had been talking about wanting a new small one for a couple months and we had recently talked about getting it. Then the other day he told me he ordered me something from Starbucks (I don't drink coffee) and so I had spent a couple days wondering what he ordered from there. Then the night before the package arrived he said "You're seed is coming tomorrow." Then he tried to cover up that he said "seed". The next day when I asked about the seed arriving he said, "Well, maybe bean is the right word." The box arrived and I started to look at the label & he told me to just open it up. I did and inside was my pretty, pink camera. I had no clue!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My little project

So, this weekend I finally did something I had been planning on for at least a month.
Well, first I had to clean up our back room which has just been a catch all of miscellaneous stuff we don't have a place for. Initially this was going to be a media room (xbox, movies, musical instruments etc.)+ work area for school work & crafts, but last week Tim moved his Xbox to the living room because we don't have surround sound in the back. I decided that this was fine with me because I had plans of my own for the back room. When I am done with it, it will be a great craft and office space with a small love seat or couple of chairs so we'll still have our extra tv room. The great thing is now I'll have a space where I can just turn the tv on TLC or HGTV and go to town organizing or crafting or just catching up on my programs. We have a big couch back there that we are going to get rid of (sell to Tim's couchless friend) which will free up a lot of space. Once that happens I'll be able to move forward with my love seat or chair purchase. So, this weekend I did a little more cleaning in the back room and have been brainstorming & browsing IKEA for the best desk/workspace for my awesome room. Unfortunately, my local IKEA did not have the stuff I wanted in stock (according to their website), so I thought with my semi-clean room I'd do a little project I'd been wanting to do since I got my laptop. The idea is not mine at all, found it online, but I am quite proud of the end result. It is a laptop sleeve made from an old sweater. The sweater was one I so loved even though I had shrunk it a bit from washing it so much. I had finally decided to get rid of the sweater b/c it was too short & kind of snug. Then when I got my laptop I was looking for sleeves or cases online and then thought I'd google how to make one & came across the sweater idea. So, I'm feeling pretty productive & crafty after this weekend. Now the trick will be to keep it up. I think once I get the room whipped into shape it'll be very easy to work on projects and hopefully when everything has a space we can keep it clean!