Friday, July 27, 2007

Finally Friday!

I love Friday! At work Friday is kind of an easy, relaxing day. My boss & another of the bosses only work M-Th, so that's a bonus too. I love my boss, she is really great & always understanding ... but it's still nice when the boss is away. Peanut has a birthday party this evening. They are calling it an almost sleep-over from 5-9. I thought this was a great idea for her age group b/c I'm sure there are some kids who might not make it through the night away from home. Tim & I are going to squeeze in a quick date. We have this awesome locally owned movie theater (a couple locations in Austin) called The Alamo Drafthouse. The great thing about it is in front of each row of seats is a long bar-like table. They serve real food & beer. So you can do dinner & a movie pretty easily. It makes finding something to do pretty easy when you don't have enough time to go out to eat & then do something afterwards.

I hope everyone has a good day & great weekend!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Okay, so I am a bit slow at things. But I think I am finally ready to commit to this blog thing. I've tested out some colors and updated my profile. And it is good enough for now. So, here goes:

This weekend was too quick as usual. Tim went to Chicago to meet up with an old friend and go to a baseball game, so it was just me and Peanut till Sunday afternoon. We didn't do too much, it rained and we tryed to stay dry & cool. Saturday we went to the Girl Scouts store so she could spend her Cookie Credits she earned. The big thing we did was try to clean & unpack her room. We still had 3 boxes from the move (in May, I know!) that needed unpacking and sorting through. We really made some progress. We have one big box full of get rid of toys! Unfortunately, we still have some organizing to do. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then Sunday evening we all went to the pool & swam for a bit. And before I knew it was 7:30am & my alarm would be ringing in just a few minutes. I absolutely hate it when I wake up before the alarm.

Okay .... yay!! I did it.