Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A lot of things!

We have been pretty busy for the past month.

We went to OK for Christmas Break.

While we were there our nephew Jacob turned two. We went to his birthday party in the freezing icy weather.

Of course we were shopping up until Christmas Eve. Though, we still managed to get everything we needed.

We had Christmas at Tim's parents and at my Mom's.

We left Peanut visiting family and we headed back home.

Tim & I took a train New Year's Eve to San Antonio. We walked over to the River Walk, ate dinner & listened to the fireworks at midnight. It was too darn cold to wander down to watch them. After we ate, we decided to just hurry back to the train b/c it was sooo cold. Our train ride would continue for another 22 hours until we arrived in Maricopa, AZ. We met up with Tim's parents and sister for the Fiesta Bowl. Unfortunately, the game didn't quite go our way. And to top it off, or maybe the game topped this off ... Tim got to leave the game in an ambulance so he could get 8 stitches to his eyebrow. Apparently, his red mowhawk drew him some unwanted attention and one right cross to the sunglasses. I also got my first ambulance ride as a passenger for this special occasion. Oh, and we were at the hospital past midnight so the date was now Jan 3rd ... my birthday! Luckily, it really could have been worse and it kind of took the edge off that final score. We flew home the next day and that was uneventful.

My Mom closed on her house. Peanut & I helped pick paint colors with her. Then Tim & Jason did lots of heavy lifting. She'll be completely moved in by the end of the month and I'm sure will be busy decorating for a while. I really love her new place. It has lots more room so visiting in the future ought to be more comfortable for everyone.

Well, I think that about wraps up our last month or so ... I'll post some pics of our winter fun.