Friday, August 10, 2007

Marriage Meme

Okay, MerryWeather tagged me with this Marriage Meme and I've finally done it. Enjoy:

1. Tim and I met when he began working at MetLife and I started in a new dept. We had orientation and then many weeks of training together. We got along very well and became work buddies. We'd eat lunch together along with a couple other people and take breaks together. About 6 months or so later we started dating. It's really amazing that we worked together all day and still wanted to see each other outside of work.
2. About a year and half later we decided we wanted to get married. He was considering joining the Air Force and said he wouldn't want to be without me. We were married about 4 months later May 17th 2003.
3. I was 21 when we got married and he is 6 years older than me (must be something to this!).
4. Tim did join the Air Force and went away to Basic Training at the end of July 03. After that he went to Biloxi, MS for training and then on to Wichita Falls, TX which was great b/c then he was able to come home on the weekends. He was in training for about 8 months. I went to visit once in Biloxi. Peanut & I went to Wichita Falls and snuck him off base before he was able to come home.
5. We've lived in three states since we've been married. Oklahoma, then Idaho and now Texas.
6. We're both competitive, stubborn (mostly him ;)), funny (mostly me)and witty.
7. I am more quiet & reserved and he is more outspoken & loud. I think we are opposites in lots of ways, but it helps to balance each other out.
8. He hates surprises and making big deals out of birthdays & stuff and I love it, maybe even more since he doesn't like it. ; ) I like to be cheesy & cute and he lets me even though I know he hates it. That's love!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Art Caddy

I love finding fun and different kid stuff to do with Peanut. The one thing that drives me crazy is how expensive some stuff can be, especially where we live. So, I usually try to find the best deal when we do go out & about. I love a good deal! Last week, I was on the internet just browsing and somewhere read that Home Depot does a kids workshop on the first Saturday of every month where kids get to do a project and take it home. The best part is it's FREE! For the full scoop check out The kids also get an orange apron (theirs to keep) and when they finish the project they get a pin. Today's workshop was open from 9:00am to 12:00pm, I think they're probably all at the same time, and the kids built an Art Caddy. I think Peanut really had fun building it, she got to use a hammer and had the experience of building something herself (with just a little help from me). I don't think we have ever done anything quite like that. We do lots of crafty stuff, but this was different. It took us about 30 minutes to build it, get some free popcorn our Home Depot pops on the weekends and head to the car. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to entertain a kid or kids with a fun project. Ages were 5-12 (I don't know how strict they are with this).

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Boot Camp

Okay, I must be crazy because I have signed up for Be a Jane Boot Camp. Here's what I know: It's M, W, F through the end of August. Here is the scary part, it's at 6:00am!! It's an hour of cardio & strength training. One of my friends at work signed up for it & mentioned it to me and at first I said no way, I cannot get up that early (I'm really bad about hitting snooze, I just never seem to get enough sleep). So, I told Dianne she was on her own. Then the rest of the day & last night I was thinking about it a little more, and thought I should give it a try. So, I did it. I signed up and we start tomorrow. Once I get going with it I'm sure I'll enjoy it. It's just the getting going that I usually talk myself out of. I'm sure it'll be rough, but I know in a week or so I won't be dying anymore and then I will feel great about doing it.